Thursday, January 21, 2016

I completely lost track of the days of the week.
Thought it was Wednesday today, 
but it's already time for the Thursday Challenge.
So I went through the photos on my computer.
No chair, cups, or other everyday things clearly photographed.
I always tried to escape from them, and I succeeded.
Except when I was at the beach last summer.

We stood in front of my favorite place downstairs.
The woman keeps a little shop and the toilets.
She's very kind, talkative and has the talent
to remember people.
So when I pass her place I always take some time
to have a chat with her.

That day her little place was closed.
My mood was different from other times
and I noticed the long double row of bins.
We have those ugly things at home too.
one size smaller and in green.
But I hate them.
They don't belong in my garden.

Nor do they belong at the entrance of the beach.
But that day they became an art object.
All were standing rather straight,
like they should.
But these two had created their own world,
or the world had created them to stand in the sand.
Kind of two old people, willing to walk towards the sea,
but contemplating too long to take their shoes off,
so the sand covered their feet and even more.

People had tried to digg them out,
but the wind blew the sand back again.

When will they disappear?

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  1. Mooie bijdrage ........ ja afval produceren we dagelijks.

  2. Wat een lumineuze invulling, je hebt zo gelijk al zou ik daar nooit opgekomen zijn.