Thursday, January 7, 2016

Right now 121 women have filed a report to the German police about harassment and theft during New Year's Eve in front of the railway station of Cologne.
About 25% is about sexual harassment some media state; the BBC and other media report that about three-quarters of the filed reports are about sexual assault.
According to newsreports between 11 and 19 of the men are known to the police.

Some people said today that the police has done great work by finding the attackers so soon, but most have a far more realistic view on the situation.
All women involved report that they were attacked and groped at intimate parts of their body by more than one person.
So the amount of attackers identified is minimal.

Now more information is made public we get a view on a more than terrible situation.
Not only were women raped and sexually attacked, some got burns, because fireworks were deliberately put in their clothes. Men who were trying to protect their wifes and daughters were restricted in their movements.

Not only were these mob attacks in Cologne, there are also reports about attacks in Stuttgart, Hamburg(30) and as was said this evening: München. These attacks were on a smaller scale. About Düsseldorf it's reported that women were robbed after they were forced into bodily contact.

When it's true what some people say, that the police knew about the danger of mob attacks on the integrity of women, there will be even more turmoil about this terrible evening than at the moment.

People don't realize yet that this situation could have been prevented by warning women not to go to the area of the railway station that evening. The new media, like Twitter and Facebook, would have reached many of them. Others could have been reached by TV, radio and police cordons around the area.
Women could have been advised about creating evidence other than using their cellphones, which often were stolen or demolished when people tried to use them or before the women were attacked.

The whole problem is just what right wing politicians needed to stir the hatred against fugitives.
Far too many people are quite willing to leave their positive attitude about people who fled their country, not realizing that this way of attacking women is a fundamentalist issue.

Many years ago I read a book about this way of intimidating and forcing women into the sharia in muslim cities.

I never thought this violation of human rights would come so near.

In the meantime a few arabic women has taken a stand against what has happened.
I think that the fugitives that want to be asylum-seekers should realize that the law in European countries stands above religion.


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