Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday, good morning dear bloggers.

The question of today is:
Would you help the medical profession to find a cure for something by volunteering in medical substance research?

Laane explained at her blog the different stages of medical substance research.
So when research is at the stage of trying potential medication on humans it's supposed to be relatively safe.
When people volunteer they get a good explanation about the dangers of the medication, and often there is a special insurance to secure the test person against financial problems due to the possible healthconsequences of the research.
At any time a person is allowed to withdraw him or herself.

In the past I took part in research as a test person, but it was psychological research. So they didn't mess with my physical health and they were not supposed to mess with my psychological health either.
The tests were for instance reading with different colours of light, to see if that makes a difference. The standard student test that is done at numerous universities: does normal coloured beer taste the same as green coloured beer.
And many more.

I enjoyed doing it, but sometimes I left with an ill feeling that I didn't do the test well enough. Once I had a very nagging feeling for several days because I was too tired to take part in the first place. I should have slept better the night before. The outcome of my test might have been different when I had been fitter.

But trials of medication?
The substances are supposed to work against symptoms of a disease, not against no symptoms in a healthy human being.
So it might work completely in an unwanted way.

Take Ritalin.
In normal human being it's speed. Can't say it different.
But in the brains of people with true ADHD something chemical is going on that can be altered with Ritalin in a good and positive way. It doesn't act as speed at all, it calms a person down and make that person able to control his impulses far better.

So I feel that medical experiments on healthy subjects might cause harm.
As long as I don't walk in my nightgown outside tonight (temperature of minus 10 expected here) I'm not going to harm myself in any other way than getting tiny holes in my ear for small earplugs.

So the answer is clear I hope: No!

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