Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Monday, good morning dear bloggers.

Laane asked:

Have you ever been kept hostage by a virus?


About 10 years ago we were ready for a vacation of 14 days.
My parents had booked bus and hotel, trips at the foreign location and a friend who had to water our plants and keep a watch on the house.
I was not very happy with the trip, but I adjusted my opinion and agreed to go with them.

The day before I got a nasty fever.
Within a few hours I was sitting sweating on the couch, crying from feeling bad.
Then I got red spots and a huge headache and my mom got almost a panic attack, she thought it was meningitis and called the doctor.
he said it was just a bug, but I wasn´t allowed to travel and had to stay home.
But there was no need, according to him, to cancel the trip.
The family could go and the friend could keep an eye on me, he would visit me the next day and then decide if he would visit again or leave instructions for the friend.

So there I was± home alone without the fun, with the friend visiting me 4 or 5 times a day during long hours... with the telephone on stand by. She cooked and was very nice...
After a week I was recovered, but wasn´t allowed to go to a party of friends, because she didn´t know if my parents would be OK with it.

Yes.... I was kept hostage by a virus.

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  1. Oh, memories. I'm sorry you had to go through this.