Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday, good morning fellow bloggers.

David Bowie is the subject of today's meme.
He died two days after he gave the world a new album, with some macabre video's.
He was on a bed, wrapped up like a messy mummy. Cloth around his face...loose... with iron pinned circles, so he still had a very small look at the world, which seemed to be rather dark.
Maybe the symbol for the diminished and limited world of a dying person.

He knew he was dying.
His family and friends were told to keep that hidden.
So he staged his own death and was able to live his own death, far away from all worldly drama of fans who didn't know him as a person, but who were in for a lot of grief-display. The modern game of theatre, in which people don't even know anymore which is true emotion and emotion fed feelings based on their old pain and the contageous behaviour of the modern video glued fans.

It didn't take the media long before they claimed his death and flooded the world with his music.
Maybe the astronauts at the International Space Station could see the cloud of memories circling the earth

I for myself I was a bit silent.
He was born in 1947 in Brixton, as a blonde boy Jones, with mixed Irish-Welsh blood.
In 1953 he moved to Bromley, and when I was there I must have walked the same streets as he did.
His artistic talents were recognised at school, and he enjoyed them, by learning to play all sorts of instruments, like young people in those days. And like many young people in those days he formed his own 15.

The rest is common knowledge.
One of my most favorite numbers is Ground Control to Major Tom.
Maybe that number sparked my interest in space...I don't know.
But I made a booklet with all sorts of images about space, travelling in space and a photo of Bowie my uncle managed to get from a friend in England. I listened to the record while reading the science fiction books I urged the library to find and buy. I must have been the most expensive member.

David Bowie, a theatre man, who loved to live the person he was investigating and representing in his songs.
Because he could.
Because he was able to hide himself behind the facade of the translation of imagination.

I'm happy for him he was able to step back into the person he wanted to be and die as himself.
So many don't.

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