Monday, January 4, 2016

Found a new meme and I like it.

Monday Good Morning!

This year I was trying to find a nice bird to put on a christmas present for a friend.
Those I found were beautiful, but far too expensive.
We walked through a very large garden... shop is too small, hall is not appropriate. But it was la-a-a-arge.
When we ended the last part I was very tired, and found a blue bird. Nice... not special...nice.

And then at christmas we forgot the present. Imagine! We went through so much effort!

Then a few days after christmas, we went to shop for some groceries and found the most wonderful red bird.
It fitted the present in the most perfect way.

Problem is: I can't get hold of my friend to give her the present.

Life is so strange.

Want to take part in the meme too?
Click one of the graphics in this post and you'll get there.
The bird to all those who wrote today,
the woman to the member's list.
I'm the first, so join me so we can have some fun this year!!


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