Monday, January 4, 2016

When it was still the end of autumn we were promised a very harsh winter.
"We can see it at the insects", some people said.
Well, I wanted to believe it, but all we saw were above zero temperatures, grey skies, a bit of rain, and little flowers everywhere.

Nature got nuts.
No cold nights meant that trees started to blossom.
A farmer nearby had a second harvest, which had never happened before, but he sowed a second time, was ridiculed because of it by the other farmers, and in the end he earned for the second crops quite some money.

Finally... in january.. nature knows what to do.

So today we had our first winter weather warning for the north of the country.
Icerain for the north... code orange.

Tomorrow here we'll get icerain too in the middle of the night... if nature doesn't change it's mind.

So I've taken my gloves, sjawl and a few other warm items, and my wintercoat.
I'm sure that I'll moan tomorrow evening, but right now....
I'm excited!!
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