Monday, January 4, 2016

I love my job.
Working at a practice for psychology I work mainly with children and their parents.
It's a privilege to get a glimpse in their lives, to receive their trust and to be able to help them to make a little step in their lives. Sometimes they could have done this step themselves, maybe later, or maybe with a different person, but sometimes the trust makes them tell me things no one else will ever hear and this will enable them to move on.

The job has consequences.
Not only do I have to keep a very strict agenda. We have 3 locations and I have to go to all three at different times. But I also deal with a few collegues that are very different. Just as different as my clients.
More difficult is the fact that some experiences of people go very deep into my heart. It's not done to vent unless it's towards a supervisor, who has taken a vow of confidence, just like me. But when it's time for me to vent that person is going home too, unless I've made an appointment during office hours... but you know, it's like going to the dentist, at those hours I'm OK and there's nothing to vent.

Another consequence is that it's hard to have a private life.
People watch that I don't feel like them, that I don't make their mistakes. I have to be a kind of person that is worthy of giving support and advice.

But I'm a human being. I make my own mistakes and I love to be online.
My collegues too.
And because of that we're asked by our boss never to post our own photo online. Not asked - ordered.
And I'm fine with that.

A friend made me a wonderful new me to look at.
So I can be myself, because the inside tells more about a person than the outer shell.
I hope you don't mind.
I don't...not really.
I'm just me.




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