Saturday, January 23, 2016

This evening I was talking with a friend about eating.
One of those conversations that have no end and either explode into a very strong and loud discussion or fade away into a quiet being together.

What sparked a good lough was the news that the producers of the largest ice creams have plans to make them smaller.
Smaller...into 250 calories. To provide people a more healthy choice.


I can advice you how to make a healthy choice with the old amount of calories: don't take the icecream! Don't look at it at all! Don't sniff. Keep your ears closed so you won't hear the mumbled "yummies" and other exclamations of delight.

250 calories!!
That's more than a whole healthy meal!

A couple of days ago I read a report about restaurants in America... in Boston I think it was.
It was discovered that 92% of meals from large-chain and local restaurants had more calories than a person needs on a daily basis.
I know we get here less on our plates, but I bet it's still too much for one meal.

Here in The Netherlands we cook ourselves, most of the time.
When I'm in doubt I ask online a question at a search engine and I decide to cook or bake the stuff or leave it alone.
In fact I'm quite simpel when I cook for myself, but cook more elaborate when it's for others.

The past years I skipped creams, sauses and ice cream more and more. I also used less butter to bake, and I take the fat from minced meat.
So gradually I've learned to eat less calories and I'm happy with that.

But to end the meal with an icecream of 250 calories???



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