Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I'm kind of silenced.
My blog disappeared and I don't know why.

I can only guess why they called me a spammer.

I only visited a friend and a few blogmeme-sites, because I love blogmemes. One I used a few years ago still exists and the owner was late with posting, so I visited quite a few times.
And I wrote a few posts, of which just a few were really meaningful, like a blog about the mob attacks in Cologne and one about a friend who gave me a nice present.

I feel silent.

Starting a new blog should be fun and one should feel lots of enthusiasm and plans. All I feel is tiredness and blown away.

Well, Let's set this up and see if they let me keep this.

In this case the action of removing my blog doesn't say anything about me.
But people are always ready to have opinions.
They even can't accept the funny name my parents gave me.
Well, let me be clear: I'm not a spammer and I certainly am not a fake person.

Read this blog, and you'll start to know that..and maybe...maybe even learn a bit about what I have learned about life.

So maybe...maybe something good will come out of this.

We're living is a difficult time and a little green leaf in the dark, even when it's cold, always represents life.


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