Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It meant a lot of preparing to have a secret shopping trip with the children of a friend.
They're celebrating their anniversary soon and I wanted to create a real surprise.

So first we talked to the children and asked if they would be willing to create a huge surprise for the anniversary and if they were able to keep it a secret.

Then we had to find a way to have the children, so I could take them shopping.

Another friend helped out.
She's celebrating her birthday this week and the kids were asked if they wanted to come and help baking cakes.
The parents were OK, the children loved to bake and there they were for a whole afternoon.

One of my friends took us by car. She works in a neighbouring town and we decided to go shopping there.
The only thing I was afraid of was that one of the kids might walk somewhere alone.
So we pointed out where important buildings were and where we would come when they got lost.

And then we went shopping.
We found them all a lovely outfit. Ofcourse we knew that mom had bought them something already, but the grandmother told me in confidence she didn't like the clothes at all, and mom had her doubts.
Well, we had more time and collected more money between friends and family, so we could buy a bit more expensive their mom and dad would certainly like to bits.

Then we went for a present.
It was surprising that the children all knew precisely what they wanted, so we went to a few interesting shops and even found a large present all were able to agree with.

After an icecream we went to my home to hide the presents and then went to our friend's and baked some cupcakes to take home and to get some dough and powder on their clothes.
Just after we told them that a secret means you have to forget all about it and say nothing at all, their mom came to collect them and the cupcakes.

Mission accomplished.


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