Friday, January 8, 2016

Today was a rather busy day.
Work took most of the time and energy and when I was trying to get some chores done at home a friend visited.
That was great!

Not only could I sit down without feelings of guilt that I was not cleaning and doing the laundry, it also meant a good conversation and.....
some nice chocolate to eat.

I never had those. I imagined there were those little bubbly balls inside that cause a strange sensation in your mouth, but that was not the case. It was good plain milk chocolate, the way I love it best.
He works near the english shop that sells them and we don't mind to extend the christmas season as long as we can.

Officially the 12 days of christmas start here in the Netherlands at 25 of december, so ...noop....we're not in those days anymore. LOL!
But some old local ways define christmastime until the 12th of february, so he wants to bring me some more next week and I didn't say "no".

Finally it's freezing "bye bye" to crawling visitors!

Maybe I should start my own theme meme. LOL!
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