Friday, January 15, 2016

  1. When did you last wear a lei (or something similar)?

    A lei is a flower-necklace that is used in Hawaii etc to welcome you, isn't it?
    I've never had one.
  2. What are your thoughts on organically grown produce?

    I'm still struggling with my first meeting with organic vegetables. The worms in and on them and fly eggs on them...ugh.
    Now I think all is organically grown, because it's all nature, isn't it? It's what we do with it. So one should say: produce without toxic human interference.
    Well, the produce here is as much from the region as possible, and that's clearly on the label. I know quite some farmers and they're OK. So I'm convinced their produce is as good as the far more expensive stuff.
  3. Which Goldie Hawn movies have you seen?

    Butterflies Are Free.
    I have seen more, but can't remember the titles.
  4. What’s something you’ve recently and reluctantly flown solo on?

    That means going alone, doesn't it?
    I almost always go alone. But right now I'm not a arty animal, so it doesn't matter.
  5. What experience do you have with BB or pellet guns?
    But I took a pellet gun from a boy, some years ago and gave it to the police with his address. It's forbidden to use one here, and the ten year old targetted the face of a little girl.

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  1. I try to consume organic produce, I figure the fewer chemicals I ingest, the better!