Saturday, February 6, 2016

Here in The Netherlands we've got a person who deals with complaints about actions of the government and the governmental organisations that can't be solved by those organisations. He's called the ombudsman.
Ofcourse he's assisted by a large group of people.

A special person within this organisation is the man who deals with all facets to do with children.
He's called the Kinderombudsman.
He controls if the governmental organisations, education, childcare, healthcare and such organisations keep the rights of children central in their work.
He also advises children and young people how to use their rights.
he also created awareness.
He's kind of independent.
The present one is doing great.

People feel free to bring issues to his attention and he's doing his research very thorough.
Whenever research is finished he draws sharp conclusions and doesn't refrain from telling the truth, even when organisations don't like to hear the truth.
He's the one who said that children's rights are not well kept in our country.
He has pointed out that refugee-children have the same rights as all other children, whether they have arrived in our country with their parents or without.

In the beginning I thought that this man was more of a businessman than someone who would stand up for the rights of children. But he has done so much so very well and with so much spirit.. I admire him for being not only a father, but also a father for many children.

Then the new ombudsman was appointed.
He is a man who studied law and worked in the legal field at high positions. A no-nonsense guy. He looks like he gets what he wants.
And he decided not to appoint the kinderombudsman again.

But the people want the kinderombudsman to stay and work a second stretch of time.
A petition was signed more than 32.000 times and still people are asking for the link. Here it is.

I think that trust from the people is not something to throw away.

I wonder why this new ombudsman wants to create his own team.
Doesn't he want to use the experience and expertise of the people who work there now?
Or does he rather want a dictatorship, the self-created opportunity to manipulate people and to make them do what he wants and to make them speak the language he wants?
Does he have problems socializing, working with people on a day to day basis?

He's not even there a year and he's going against the wishes of a lot of children and parents by pushing away the person who is trusted most.

I think he'd better leave.
Oh yes, he has earned the right to do what he wants and throw out the kinderombudsman. He's his boss.
But the way he dealt with the media and with people has coloured his image.
He was impolite, unfriendly and didn't even realize he didn't want to talk with the reporter of the children's TV news. He just didn't bother to turn around and say: "there is no reason to worry about children's rights, because we keep them close to our hearts."
No, he jumped in a car and drove off.

He took with him all the faith I had in the care that man is supposed to have for the rights of other people.



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