Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday, good morning dear bloggers.

Laane asked:

Did you ever take part in Carnival?


I like Carnaval, as we call it here.
My parents took me to see the parade every year. They dressed me up, like their other kids and took photos.
At school Carnaval was celebrated each year at friday afternoon. It was fun to dance and jump, and sing for the prince.

When I was 10 I was trained to dance in official dress at the carnaval festivities for the grown ups.
I did it about 8 years.

When I went to university I stopped and didn't even go home for carnaval, because I went to the south of the country with friends.
We went to the parade there and then went to a big tent in the center of the city to dance.

It was very nice.

I've been asked to become a member of the organisation of carnaval in my birth town last year, but I turned it down.
This year I stayed at home and I enjoyed that too.

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