Friday, February 12, 2016

No way I could keep up with all the expectations of others.
There were so many appointments in my work agenda and in my private agenda, that I knew on monday that I couldn't do what needed to be done.

Take for instance the mistake of the new secretary, who planned an appointment from 10 to 11 at one location and from 11 to 12 at another location, meaning: at the other side of town. That usually takes about half an hour to go from one location to the other, so it's only logic to think it can't be done in one or two minutes.

Then an aunt suddenly expected me to be at coffee time at her birthday.
We planned a visit months ago ... in the evening. Which wouldn't have been a problem, if not a friend decided to invite her for an evening out. So I had to make other arrangements, but my agenda at work was full of appointments with people who have a life too and who need to be somewhere else too, or who took a morning off to come to the practice.

I found myself forgetting a dentist appointment which turned out not to be a real problem after all, but it took time to take the call and explain the problem.
I forgot to buy a present for a friend, forgot this, forgot that, and even forgot to eat a couple of times.

I don't think the clients had a clue about my problems, except the one who was planned at monday from 11 to 12. He was phoned by the secretary to change his appointment.
My mom didn't mind I skipped a visit, my friends cooked for me instead of I for them, I skipped sport, I forgot to mail some people, etc etc.

So my boss talked with the new secretary not to plan too many hours without consulting me, and to find out which hours are my working hours, and I've put my private agenda online so she can have a look if work-appointments don't interfere with my private plans.

All I want to do now is take a bath and stay in there all night.
I won't.
I have top attend a birthday.

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